Summer Housing

On-campus housing is available for students who complete a housing request form in advance.  All housing costs are based on one per person/per night price. Housing will be based on availability on the date your request is received. Housing Request Form 2015.‌

Check In/Check Out

Once you arrive on the UST campus, you will pick up your keys at the Koch Commons front desk.  The Koch Commons desk is open daily (including weekends) from 8 a.m.-10 p.m. Please plan your travel arrangements accordingly. If you need to make arrangements for times outside of these, you can do so by contacting the Graduate Music department at gradmusic@stthomas.edu THREE weeks prior to your arrival.

When you are departing from the UST campus, you must drop your keys off at the Koch Commons Desk. You must do this by 10 p.m. on the night of your check out or you will be charged for each additional night that you have the keys in your possession. 

Here is the link to a campus map: http://www.stthomas.edu/campusmaps/


The 2015 Graduate Programs in Music Education summer student rate for a shared apartment is $54 per person per night.  This rate includes linens.

Maintenance Issues

For any maintenance or custodial problems with the room or building in which you are staying, please put in a request for service by calling the Office of Residence Life at extension (651) 962-6475 from 8 a.m.-4:30 p.m. If there is an emergency requiring immediate assistance, e.g. flood, loss of electrical power, fire, theft, assault or attempted assault, personal crisis or injury, contact the Public Safety Office at (651) 962-5100.

Cleaning and Housekeeping

Each resident is expected to complement the efforts of university personnel by maintaining cleanliness in both public and private areas of the residence halls and throughout campus.  Lounges, common restrooms, and laundry rooms are cleaned by the housekeeping staff. Resident cooperation in keeping these areas as neat as possible is expected and appreciated. Vacuums are available to check out at the front desks of the residence halls. Linen is provided every week for all guests who stay five nights or longer.


Each room in the residence halls is equipped with a touchtone phone. Parties can reach you by dialing (651) 96x-xxxx (the number printed on your phone).  To call other residence halls, simply dial just the extension number for that room.

To place a local call, dial 8 for an outside line, then the number you are calling.