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Gottwig, Jeffrey

Gottwig, Jeffrey

The Development of Music Education Surveys for the Self-Analyzation of the Music Program of a Growing Rural-Suburban Minnesota School District
Jeffrey A. Gottwig

This project is an examination of the process involved with creating a set of surveys to analyze a music program and reveal attitudes toward music as a subject. This is by no means a definitive study on the creation of survey material.  These surveys were a result of research, a desire to learn, a lot of meetings, and an abundance of cooperation in defining the final product.

The purpose of this final project was to record the process and evolution of the survey development, as a resource for other music educatiors with similar charges.  It is my intent to show that survey writing is approachable and manageable, even by individuals with little or no experience creating surveys.  The primary ingredients are common goals, cooperation among colleagues, and administrative support. 

Thesis Supervisor
Dr. Bruce P. Gleason