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Lozito, Lisa

Lozito, Lisa

Using an Original Elementary Musical Play to Teach Minnesota History from 1850-1910
Lisa Lozito

Second grade students at Southview Elementary in Waconia, Minnesota, study early Minnesota history as a part of their social studies and history curricula. They learn basic facts and geographical information about the state. The social studies and history curricula at Southview Elementary does not address the music and fine arts of early Minnesota settlers. The purpose of this final project is to educate elementary students about Minnesota history from approximately 1850-1910 through an original musical play with popular songs and folk songs. The play follows a chronological path, beginning when Minnesota was just a territory, to a few decades later when it was a small, but bustling state. The script contains historical information about the state and ties in the music and culture of the pioneer people.

Eight songs were selected for their historical value and ties to Minnesota, as well as their educational and developmental appropriateness. For each song the following features are provided: (a) song notations with lyrics and translations; (b) historical information; (c) information about how the song will be performed in the play; (d) musical analysis and pedagogical use; and (e) the source for the song.

Final Project Supervisor
Dr. Jill Trinka