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Grabenhofer, Kaethe

Grabenhofer, Kaethe

Handbells and Handchimes: An Examination of Their Uses in the Curriculum - An Annotated Bibliography
Kaethe K. Grabenhofer

This study examined the ways in which handbells and handchimes are used in elementary and middle school general music classrooms. Several issues were examined, including the use of reading notation, moving ringers for different pieces of music, using handbells with groups of people with special needs, and addressing the National Content Standards for Music Education.

The purpose of this project was to investigate the handbell and handchime resources available to music educators. Each resource is explained in the annotated bibliography. Teaching materials useful for general music educators are included, which explain the various uses for handbells and handchimes in the classroom, how they relate to the National Content Standards for Music Education, and how they may fit into the curriculum. Useful handbell and handchime compositions are listed as possible music pieces to include in the curriculum. this is not meant to be a comprehensive list, but merely a place to start gathering information. Handbell and handchime manufacturers include contact information as an interested music educator may want more information.

Dr. Bruce P. Gleason