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Williams, Heather

Williams, Heather

An Investigation of the Causes and Frequency of Vocal Pitch Inaccuracy in Fourth and Fifth Grade Students and Strategies for Working with the Inaccurate Singer by Select Kodály Music Educators
Heather P. Williams

The purpose of this study was to investigate the causes and frequency of inaccurate singing in fourth and fifth-grade students and to determine pitch-matching strategies that select Kodály educators use to assist the inaccurate singer.

A written survey containing thirty-one forced-choice and open-ended questions about the causes and frequency of inaccurate singing and strategies for working with inaccurate singers was sent to 76 music educators who had acquired certification in the focus on rhythmic and technical development. This project is the collection of brief that advanced musicians in high school and college are already aware of the fundamental principles of the acoustics of music.