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Giebler, Cynthia

Giebler, Cynthia

Writing Music for Children: One Composer's Process
Cynthia B. Giebler

Musical composition is a multi-faceted and complex process. This study examines the general and specific parameters that can affect the process of composition.

A brief discussion of general parameters includes Schenker's musical theory, Pinker's theory of language composition and conventions of Western musical practice. Specific parameters are elucidated for composition for a particular culture, in this case children's chorus.

A descriptive narrative of the author's process of composition demonstrates the utilization of both general and specific parameters. The author's mode of thinking is traced from beginning to near completion of a new composition for treble choir and piano.

An annotated catalog of selected pieces by the author includes short descriptions of the origins, pedagogic points of interest and musical features of each work. A completed manuscript of each piece is provided for comparison.

Dr. Bruce P. Gleason