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Emmett, Leigh

Emmett, Leigh

Choral Arrangements for Elementary Choir
Leigh Emmett

The purpose of this project was to create choral arrangements for elementary choir with a special focus on incorporating some of the qualities that contribute to a successful experience for young singers. there are four characteristics of each arrangement that contribute to the success of young singers. When selecting the songs to be arranged, there were two qualities I looked for. the songs needed to have brisk tempos and age-appropriate lyrics. Eleven songs were selected to be included in ten arrangements for elementary chorus. When creating the arrangements of the songs, I sought to provide minimal two-part singing and interesting accompaniments.

The end result of this project was ten choral arrangements containing brisk tempos, age-appropriate lyrics, minimal two-part singing and interesting accompaniments. A discussion of pedagogic features and highlights of each arrangement is presented prior to each piece.

Project Supervisor
Dr. Jill Trinka