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Bremer, Jodi

Bremer, Jodi

Winter Solstice: A Guide for Elementary Music Teachers
Jodi L. Bremer

The purpose of this project was to study the winter solstice and its music and create a musical application for my teaching situation. Ultimately, a three-part resource guide was developed for elementary music teachers. The inspiration for this work originated at a conference session at the 2000 National Orff-Schulwerk Association Conference in Rochester, New York, entitled "Celebrating the Winter Solstice," presented by Marilyn Davidson and Paul Winter.

This resource guide is divided into three parts. Part I includes the astrological background of winter solstice, its historical perspectives an selected practices. Part II is an annotated list of recommended resources for elementary music teachers interested in creating a winter solstice program. Concluding Part III of the guide is a description of a program I created with my students, entitled Winter Moon: A Solstice Celebration. Finally, reflective observations about the final product and suggestions for improvement are presented.

Final Project Advisor
Dr. Jill Trinka