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Dritsa, Spyridoula

Dritsa, Spyridoula

A New Approach to Music Education in Greece: Traditional Music and Contemporary Practice in the First Grade
Spyridoula M. Dritsa

This thesis is written for those music teachers in Greece who look for new paths in order to improve their teaching and to be able to have better results with their classes. For that reason, we shall make reference to three music educators, Dalcroze, Orff and Kodály. The differences and similarities of each approach are to be presented.

In order to give a fresh impulse to music education, we gathered Greek traditional material and planned 20 lessons for the first class of a Greek elementary school. The author had worked with 20 teacher-students who in turn were teaching classes in elementary schools. Their goal was to bring all the material they knew and were gathering from different sources to the teachersí class. So they worked together exchanging ideas, songs, games and dances. In that way, whatever we were learning in adult lessons were applied immediately in our school classes. The results were encouraging. The students at schools expressed enthusiasm for the music lessons. The music teachers achieved results that had not previously been possible. When administrators witnessed the revival of the old songs, games and dances their support was very strong and the music teachers enjoyed more significant role in the school.

With this paper the author is dreaming to add a small stone to Greek music education in order to make it approachable to all students and to give them the opportunity to taste the benefits of music. In addition, she is aiming to preserve and spread the Greek music tradition wherever Greeks live in the world. This paper could lay the groundwork for further efforts in other grades of the elementary school.

Jane Frazee