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Cooper, Jennifer

Cooper, Jennifer

Recording and Reporting Assessment in the Music Classroom
Jennifer Brooks Block Cooper

The purpose of this paper was to provide an organized guide for teaching, assessing, and recording expected outcomes for fourth grade music students, with the primary focus on recording the results of the assessment.

Information on standards and outcomes in education and lesson objectives were provided to describe the importance of structuring instruction around curriculum goals. Music textbooks and resources were used to guide the framework of these goals. Research in student assessment and evaluation was summarized. The observation checklist was the process chosen to gather information on student assessment in the classroom.

The principal questions proposed were: Can effective means of assessment be scheduled constructively into the daily music class?, and; Can the time spent in assessing student performance be justified in the music curriculum?

Examples of daily lesson plans are given to demonstrate the importance of organizing the music education instruction around objectives. To make sure that class objectives have been met, both formal and informal assessment strategies were planned with each lesson. Through the use of the observation checklist, information was easily gathered and recorded in the daily music class. This information was collected to document student growth in understanding the concepts and skills on which the curriculum was based.

This paper demonstrated that ongoing assessment planned into the daily lesson is not only valuable, but necessary for improvement in the process of teaching and learning. The time spent recording and reporting information collected from the observation checklist is valuable. This process provided data that would otherwise go unnoticed and supplied a valuable documentation on each student’s musical development and achievement. Its benefits are worthy of further study and development for the purpose of improving assessment in music education.

Dr. Sylvia Munsen