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Graham, Lisa

Graham, Lisa

A Beginning Music Curriculum for Home Schoolers
Lisa Graham

The purpose of this study was to provide an eclectic, experientially based music curriculum for home schoolers. The ideas of Dalcroze, Kodály, and Orff and their followers helped to shape the content of the curriculum. Its organization and the teaching process it sets forth were based on the writings of Dewey (1938), Tyler (1949), Bruner (1961), and Eisnern (1994), four modern leaders in curriculum reform.

No research about home schoolers and music study was found, and the literature suggests that no such music program is available to home schoolers. The review of literature provided general information about home schooling, and an overview of the ideas of the music educators and curriculum writers mentioned above.

This curriculum endeavored to provide meaningful, enjoyable, musical learning experiences for home schoolers in kindergarten through second grade. The learning experiences were designed to develop basic musical skill and an understanding of elementary musical concepts. The materials were gathered from folk song collections, teachers’ guidebooks, teacher training seminars, and original ideas from the author’s own teaching. Because many of its users may not have received formal musical training, the content of the curriculum requires little or no musical knowledge on the part of the parent/teacher.

Principal Advisor
Nancy A. Cooper