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Cumming, Kathy

Cumming, Kathy

Age and Developmentally Appropriate Activities for Beginning Kindergarten Students
Kathy Tibben Cumming

The purpose of this paper was to examine at the available research for the musical development of five-year-old children and from that research develop practical activities for use in the kindergarten music classroom.

A background of general learning theories was included which described the preoperational child and how he learns from his world. Research in the specific musical areas of singing, listening, and moving was summarized.

Recommendations from these studies formed the basis for the activities selected and devised for the current investigation. Each activity includes a group participation segment and also an individualized part to assist the music specialist in assessing each child’s skill level for a specific musical concept.

Specific materials, songs, illustrations, and forms for documenting student progress were provided to make this project a “user-friendly” paper. It is hoped that the activities will be a practical aid to music specialists--activities they will include in their existing kindergarten music curriculum.

Principal Advisor
Sylvia Munsen