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Sandquist, Janet

Sandquist, Janet

Technology as a Tool for Composition and Assessment in Middle School General Music
Janet L. Sundquist

This paper studies three areas: experiential learning, assessment, and technology from a Kodály-based, middle school perspective. The question presented is: Can technology be used as a tool to facilitate participatory and individualized instruction and assessment in middle school general music?

This study was a pilot project of a new computer program entitled MusicMastery, at South View Middle School, Edina, MN. Shortly after the sixth grade was added to the building, I initiated a composition project in the music curriculum. began my studies at St. Thomas, and became involved with the writing of this software. The current project is a synthesis of three years of cumulative revisions in classroom activities, assessment procedures, the program itself, the technological equipment available, and the composition project. the resulting product is a creative synthesis of students' knowledge of rhythmic and melodic concepts each semester. From 1993-1996, the pilot of the composition project has progressed to become a documented study of the creative, hands-on, individualized experience of over eight hundred students.

Capstone Supervisor
Ann Kay