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Draper, Suzanne

Draper, Suzanne

A Beginning Flute Method Using Pedogogical Philosophies and Techniques Derived from the Kodály, Orff, and Dalcroze Approaches to Music Education
Suzanne A. Draper

The purpose of this project was to develop an instrumental method book which utilizes elements of Kodály, Orff and Dalcroze approaches to music education. The project began with an examination of the educational advantages which exist in the development of such a method book, and culminated with its presentation.

A review of available literature revealed that the inclusion of vocalization, mnemonics, rhythmic movement and improvisation in the beginning band class can heighten musical learning to a significant extent. Beginning flute method books which incorporate these techniques, however, are largely unavailable.

Several beginning flute method books were examined to determine basic skills commonly taught during the first year of instruction. The Draper Flute Method presents a similar first year flute curriculum, but additionally incorporates solfa syllables and Curwen hand signs, singing, a mnemonic rhythm syllable system, large muscle movement, and improvisation.

While this instrumental book is written for the first year flute student, it may be transposed for use with other band instruments. An extension of the project to accommodate the second and third year flute student is also a future possibility.

Capstone Supervisor
Dr. Patricia Campbell