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Sletto, Barbara

Sletto, Barbara

Developing Musical Literacy Through Choral Repertoire: A Kodály-Based Model
Barbara A. Sletto

This project was designed to provide a model for choral directors who want to teach their choirs the skills necessary to produce musically literate singers. The most efficient way of carrying out this task was to develop a systematic, sequential approach. Therefore, a Kodály-based sequence for use in the choral setting was developed. Quality literature and warm-ups derived from literature provided the vehicles through which the concepts in the sequence were taught. Thus, the sequence was strongly considered in the selecting of literature.

Teaching conceptually required the director to be highly organized. Three tools were developed to help expedite the analyzing, planning and assessment aspects of the choral program aimed at musicianship training: the Choral Analysis, the Rehearsal Design, and the Monthly Assessment.

Capstone Advisor
Ann Kay