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Tobisch, Jean

Tobisch, Jean

The Effects of the Kodály Approach Versus the Gordon-Woods "Jump Right In" Approach on Changing the Tonal and Rhythm Aptitude of First Graders
Jean Phyllis Tobisch

This study compares the changes in musical aptitude scores of first graders who were taught the Gordon-Woods Jump Right In curriculum with first graders who were taught using a Kodály approach. Students involved with the Gordon method received twenty-four lessons consisting of Learning Sequence Activities followed by classroom activities outlined in Jump Right In: Activity Book 1 (Woods, 1986) and the accompanying activity cards. Children in the Kodály-trained group were taught twenty-four lessons presenting concepts of beat, quarter note, two eighth notes, quarter rest, sol-mi, mi-sol, staff lines and spaces, and synthesis of rhythm and pitch.

First graders were pre-tested, post-tested and follow-up tested using Edwin Gordon’s “Primary Measures of Music Audiation” test to measure changes in tonal and rhythm aptitude, and to compare the degree of change between the Kodály-trained group and the Gordon-Woods-trained group.

Capstone Supervisor
Charles E. Furman