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Tisbert, John

Tisbert, John

Applications of Orff-Schulwerk in the Middle School
John Joseph Tisbert

This paper presents applications of Orff-Schulwerk based on child development, middle level curriculum theory and Orff philosophy. The first section of the paper presents a rationale for using the Orff approach at the middle level. It begins with a description of the characteristics of young adolescents and includes comments relative to their physical, emotional, and cognitive growth. It outlines middle level curriculum theories relative to preadolescent development including concepts such as active learning, learning readiness, student generated curriculum, cooperative learning and meeting students holistic needs. The paper also explores consistencies between middle level curriculum theory and Orff-Schulwerk. this discussion attempts to demonstrate compatibility between the Orff approach and middle level education principles.

The second section of the paper proposes an Orff curriculum adapted for use at the middle level. The program combines elements of middle level curriculum theory with Orff philosophy. three broad based music units are presented as examples for organizing a basic music program. The curriculum is designed to introduce Orff experiences to middle level beginners.

Capstone Supervisor
David W. Baker