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England, Sonja

England, Sonja

An Integrated Approach: Combining Elements of Hmong Culture and Music Learning Activities for the Primary Student
Sonja R. England

The growing ethnic diversity of students continues to remind us that today’s music educators have an important role in the teaching of cultural understanding among our students. This better understanding of others will also lead to a better understanding of ourselves. To develop and improve this cultural awareness of our immediate school family, I have chosen to explore the extent to which we effectively integrate the Hmong culture into the music classroom.

This Capstone project provided a brief historical overview of Hmong people followed by a discussion on elements of their culture. Also included is a description of Hmong music and the instruments used in music making. Finally, this project provided a collection of music learning activities which incorporate non-musical elements of Hmong culture with Western musical concepts.

It is my hope that music educators would introduce their students to the authentic sounds and cultural elements of Hmong culture and integrate this information with the on-going music curriculum. This endeavor can be successfully implemented when the educator understands the role of these cultural elements and uses information which accurately reflects this culture.

Principal Advisor
Judith L. Hanson