How Do I Register for Courses?

Active Students: All students with an active University of St. Thomas identification number should register for courses and workshops through their MURPHY Online account.

New to MURPHY: If this is your first time registering through MURPHY or you would like a refresher on how to complete the process, please review this MURPHY Online pdf

New to the University of St. Thomas: Complete the Registration Form‌ and send it in as directed on the form. The form must be completed in its entirety. 

Identification number has become inactive: Complete the Registration Form‌ and send it in as directed on the form. The form must be completed in its entirety.

How Do I Determine My Enrollment Category?

Degree-seeking Master of Arts in Music Education: Students who have been accepted into the degree program. Each concentration has core courses, required concentration courses, and elective concentration courses. M.A. degree concentrations are:




Orff Schulwerk

Piano Pedagogy

Nondegree: Students who desire academic credit and an official transcript of course work. All courses - except required M.A. core courses - and all workshops are available to nondegree students.  Kodály, piano, and Orff Certificate students who are not M.A. students register as nondegree students.

Auditor: Two or three credit courses may be audited. Auditors pay tuition rates based on a percentage formula. A grade of audit is reflected on the auditor’s transcript. 

Alumni Discount: Graduates of the University of St. Thomas Master of Arts in Music Education degree program are eligible for a $100 tuition discount for one summer course when taken at the nondegree rate. The Alumni Discount is not applicable to audited coursework. 

Workshop Participants: Those who take part in the annual Piano Pedagogy workshops or submit a workshop essay for graduate credit will be registered as nondegree students.

Priority Registration Deadlines

  • Courses with a start date from June 16-30: priority deadline is May 16.

  • Courses with a start date from July 9-16: priority deadline is June 24.

  • Courses with a start date from July 23-30: priority deadline is July 2.

Registrations will be accepted until courses have met maximum enrollment.

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Graduate Admissions

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