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Kodály Certificate Program

The Kodály Institute at St. Thomas offers a certificate program endorsed by the Organization of American Kodály Educators (OAKE). Coursework provides high quality, intensive studies in: musicianship, conducting and ensemble to enable personal growth in musicianship; materials, analysis, classification and retrieval systems to assist students in gathering and systematizing repertoire for their personal teaching situations; and curriculum, pedagogy and instructional techniques to further students' understanding of and practical experience in designing spiral curricula for literacy-based music education programs using inquiry-based teaching techniques. Kodály study at St. Thomas introduces students to music education that emphasizes musical knowledge and understanding through sequential skill development. The national standards for music are addressed through an approach that develops the musician-educator. The development of musical and pedagogical skills occurs in an atmosphere of joyful and systematic exploration in a Kodály-inspired approach to music education. 


Kodály Levels I, II, III (GMUS 741, 742, 743) are required for University of St. Thomas/OAKE-Endorsed Kodály Certificate students.  Visit our Graduate Course Offerings page for scheduling information.

Visit the OAKE website for information about membership or national conferences, Kodály Chapter of Minnesota, or your local chapter's website to learn more about workshops throughout the year.

Quick Facts

Summer 2013 Dates:

July 8-19

Course Schedule:

Jay Broeker
Nyssa Brown
Leigh Ann Garner
Dan LeJeune

Degree, nondegree, and audit/workshop rates available.