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Certificate Programs

Certificate Programs

The University of St. Thomas Master of Arts in Music Education degree was initially built on the objective of developing "competency in the philosophy and practice of Orff Schulwerk and Kodály." These concentrations continue to hold their places as major aspects of the program. Along with crafting M.A. degrees around these concentrations, students are also able to obtain national certification through the American Orff-Schulwerk Association and the Organization of American Kodály Educators.  Students are able to undertake these opportunities within a master's degree, pursue Kodály or Orff certification alone, or enroll in nondegree coursework to obtain academic credit and a university transcript . 

Orff Certification

Requirements: Orff Schulwerk Levels I, II, III (GMUS 731, 732, 733) and Orff Curriculum Development (GMUS 735) are required for University of St. Thomas Orff Mastery Certificate students.

Kodály Certification

Requirements: Kodály Levels I, II, III (GMUS 741, 742, 743) are required for University of St. Thomas/OAKE-Endorsed Kodály Certificate students.

The certificate in piano pedagoy is designed for teachers and those wishing to enter the profession who would like to formally pursue studies in piano pedagogy, but who do not wish to attain a graduate degree. Certificate students who wish to receive academic credit may do so by enrolling through Graduate Programs in Music Education as a nondegree-seeking student, providing they have an undergraduate degree in music or music education. Moreover, the coursework for the piano pedagogy concentration prepares students directly to apply for certification with Music Teacher National Association.

Piano Pedagogy Certification

Requirements: Students will choose five Field of Concentration courses with two pedagogy methods courses required, of which Elementary Materials and Teaching Techniques must be one; a minimum of three semesters of piano lessons (twelve 50-minute lessons per semester); and one semester of Supervised Teaching.

NonDegree Studies

Over fifty courses and workshops are offered year-round to facilitate life-long learning opportunities for music education practitioners

With these available opportunities, the St. Thomas Graduate Programs in Music Education sets itself in a class of its own.


My musicianship, educational philosophy, and teaching strategies were enhanced and altered at GPME. I flet encouraged, challenged, and inspired throughout the program. I found instructors exceptional, course content pertinent, and classmates professional engaging. GPME at UST is the program for music educators who desire a powerful impact on their teaching and musicianship.

Janet Cruse, Alumnus