St. Thomas String Orchestra

The St. Thomas String Orchestra is an auditioned ensemble comprised of string players drawn from various academic disciplines. Students in the orchestra experience acclaimed teaching provided by the conductor, section coaches and the St. Thomas string faculty. The ensemble rehearses twice a week and performs up to two concerts each semester. The String Orchestra repertoire features standard, international and contemporary orchestral works as well as newly commissioned pieces. The ensemble regularly features nationally known solo artists such as the Parker Quartet and Martha Mooke. The String Orchestra was invited to perform at the Minnesota Music Educators Association conference in February of 2015. The process for selection was based on a recorded, blind audition.

Who conducts the String Orchestra?

Dr. Matthew George conducts the String Orchestra.  Students also receive coaching by the UST string faculty:

Allison Ostrander

Dr. David Auerbach

Dr. Rebecca Arons

String Bass
Dr. Joshua Schwalbach

When does the String Orchestra rehearse?

String Orchestra rehearses Tuesdays and Thursdays from 1:35-3:10.

Chamber ensemble rehearsal times are arranged at the start of each semester.

View the rehearsal schedule for all ensembles.

Will playing in String Orchestra fulfill the Fine Arts Requirement?

Yes, students may fulfill the Fine Arts Requirement FREE OF CHARGE by playing in String Orchestra for four semesters (one credit per semester). You'll continue to earn one free credit per semester if you participate for more than four semesters. 

What are Freshmen Music Option lessons?

The Freshmen Music Option provides free 30-minute, one credit music lessons to all first year students involved in a large ensemble. Freshmen orchestra students receive free lessons on their performing instrument. 

When are auditions?

Auditions are held during the first week of rehearsals in the Brady Educational Center. Students should prepare one or two pieces which show both lyrical and technical playing. In addition to your prepared piece(s), there will also be some sight-reading. The audition will last no more than ten minutes.

All interested incoming students should fill out the online form to reserve an audition. Audition forms are accepted from June 1-Sep. 1. Students who complete this form will receive an email that outlines specifics of the audition/registration process.