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Bruce Gleason

Bruce Gleason

Chronicling the History of Cavalry Music Dr. Bruce Gleason

Continuing with his work in chronicling the history of cavalry music, Dr. Bruce Gleason has published four articles recently. Two appear in the The Galpin Society Journal:  “Cavalry Trumpet and Kettledrum Practice from the Time of the Celts and Romans to the Renaissance,” No. 61, 2008, and “Cavalry and Court Trumpeters and Kettledrummers from the Renaissance to the Nineteenth Century” in No. 62, 2009.

“The Mounted Band and Field Musicians of the U.S. 7th Cavalry During the time of the Plains Indian Wars” was published in the Historic Brass Society Journal, No. 21, 2009, and "Military Music in the U.S. Heartland: 113th Cavalry of the Iowa National Guard," was published in the Journal of the International Military Music Society, Vol. 31, No. 3. December 2009.

The seventh volume of Research and Issues in Music Education, which Dr. Gleason edits, can be found at