Undergraduate Music

Students have the opportunity to study with widely acclaimed faculty and studio instructors who are well-known artists and teachers. Ensembles and music lessons are open to all students, regardless of year or major.‌

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Music Education (B.M.) Music  Auditions
Performance (B.M.) Music Composition Scholarships
Music (B.A.) Popular Music Studios & Ensembles
Music Business (B.A.) Recording Arts Music Lessons
Liturgical Music (B.A.)   Careers in Music 

Graduate Programs in Music Education

A world-renowned faculty of practitioners and researchers offer lively and stimulating courses filled with new ideas for the practicing teacher to incorporate into elementary and secondary curricula. Audit/workshop, nondegree and degree tuition rates are available. 

M.A. in Music Education Ed.D. in Leadership Certificate Programs Professional Development Quick Links
Choral Music Ed. Eurhythmics Nondegree Application
Instrumental   Kodály Workshops Registration
Kodály   Orff   Course Schedule
Orff   Piano Ped.   Scholarships
Piano Ped.       Tuition

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