Music at St. Thomas

The Department of Music offers a wide variety of graduate and undergraduate programs. Each program places an emphasis on quality music instruction that keeps pace with current research in pedagogy, performance and production.

Undergraduate students have the choice of five majors -  the bachelor of music in performance and music education and the bachelor of arts in music, music business, and liturgical music.  UST Music offers four minors - music, popular music, recording arts, and composition.  Music scholarships are available based on musical performance and academic achievement. Students have the opportunity to study with widely acclaimed faculty and studio instructors who are well-known artists and teachers. Ensembles and music lessons are open to all students, regardless of year or major.‌

Graduate Programs in Music Education offerings include the Master of Arts in Music Education program with concentrations in choral, instrumental, kodály, orff, and piano pedagogy; Ed.D. in Leadership with a concentration in music education; certificate programs in eurhythmics, Kodály levels I-III, Orff Schulwerk levels I-III, and piano pedagogy; and other professional development opportunities. ‌ A world-renowned faculty of practitioners and researchers offer lively and stimulating courses filled with new ideas for the practicing teacher to incorporate into elementary and secondary curricula. 

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