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Murphy Institute offers Teaching Guide for Women, Sex and the Church by Erika Bachiochi


A Teaching Guide to supplement the book, Women, Sex, and the Church: a Case for Catholic Teaching (Pauline Books and Media 2012) is now available on the Murphy Institute's website as a free download.   Commissioned by the Murphy Institute and written by Erika Bachiochi, the guide is designed for professors and students of law, feminist theory and sexual and social ethics courses. 

Click here to download Teaching Guide

Women, Sex, and the Church: A Case for Catholic Teaching
Marshaling medical and social science data, this book’s expert contributors collectively make the case that Catholic teaching provides a compelling, pro-woman alternative to secular feminist views on abortion, sex, marriage, contraception, and reproductive technologies. Other topics explored: the priesthood; work/family balance; freedom, equality & difference; and Catholic social teaching. Copies of this text can be purchased from the Pauline Books and Media Website

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