2014 Charitable Giving Campaign

Dear UST Faculty and Staff,

Our thanks to all who participated in the 2014 Charitable Giving Campaign.   Your contributions will make a positive impact on the community in which we live.

This year we had an 88.6% increase in the number of donors and a 21.4% increase in total donations.  Your donations support our eight federations and a large number of charities designated by you, the donors.  We are pleased that so many employees have continually supported the campaign throughout the years.  This year's increase in both the number of new donors as well as the number of donors increasing their pledges despite sometimes difficult economic times is exciting and illustrates the generosity of our employees.

Bravo!  Many thanks to you all.


(Reverend) John Malone
Vice President for Mission



Dear UST Faculty and Staff, 

Over the years, I have witnessed countless acts of generosity and kindness by faculty and staff at the University of St. Thomas.  In a variety of ways you have provided support to the communities in which we live.   Our annual Charitable Giving Campaign is an important way for us to continue to be involved in making a positive impact on our area.  Through it, you have the opportunity to provide financial support to one or all of the eight non-profit federations that are part of our campaign.  Each federation, in turn, represents many organizations.

Our Charitable Giving Campaign is conducted electronically.  Information about each of the federations, a list of the organizations they support and a pledge form can be accessed on the Charitable Giving website (www.stthomas.edu/mission/charitablegiving). Please note that you may also donate to a specific 501(c)(3) organization by completing the line on the pledge form called “Charity of Choice.”  I encourage you to consider the many ways that you or someone you know has been impacted by the services of these organizations.  Participation in the campaign is voluntary.   

To pledge, print a copy of the pledge form, complete it and return it to the Office for Mission (AQU121) by November 15.  Be sure to keep a copy of your pledge form for tax purposes.  This year, anyone completing the form will be entered in a drawing at the end of the campaign.  A list of donated items is available on the Charitable Giving website.

I encourage all of you to participate in this worthwhile campaign.  Thank you for your usual generosity. 

May God bless you.


Reverend John M. Malone
Vice President for Mission

2014 Pledge Form

Click the link for the 2014 Pledge Form PDF.

Charitable Giving Drawing

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Charitable Giving Federations

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