The McNair Scholars Program provides year-round services to prepare participants for consideration of acceptance into quality graduate programs of their choice.

Faculty Research Mentors

Each student collaborates with a faculty mentor (approved by McNair Scholars Program Office) on a research project. This opportunity allows Scholars to formulate research interests and develop research skills. In addition, Scholars and their faculty mentors prepare their research for publication and/or presentation at regional and national conferences.

Summer Research Institute (SRI)

Every students is required to participate in the Summer Research Institute. Scholars will receive a $ 4000 merit stipend during their participation in the McNair Scholars Program dispersed in increments throughout the year. Additionally they will receive housing and meals during this . The research project is intended to give students an opportunity to engage in graduate-level, original research.

Workshops and Seminars

Scholars are offered workshops and seminars as an opportunity to gain information pertinent to graduate school selection, application, and funding. They also learn to develop skills and strategies for library research, technical writing, time management, oral and visual presentations and GRE test-taking.In addition to advancing their academic and research skills, these workshops are intended to expand their knowledge in preparing for admittance at the graduate level and maintaining scholarly success as a graduate student.

Networking at Conferences & Symposia

Each McNair Scholar is expected to travel to various McNair symposia and national conferences throughout the US. In addition to presenting their research, it is a valuable experience in networking. Scholars can make meaningful professional connections with graduate admissions personnel, faculty and scholars from other universities.

One-On-One Advisement and Support

Each McNair scholar receives advising from the McNair Scholars Program. Meetings with the program are designed to keep Scholars on track with regard to graduate applications, research projects, classes and other academic responsibilities. Scholars are expected to take advantage of all of the opportunities McNair has to offer.