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The Spanish Program offers a gamut of opportunities from which one can choose different areas of study that allow an in-depth focus on literature, culture and linguistics. Students will have the option of studying abroad in order to enhance their studies at UST with a multicultural experience in Spain and/or Latin America. Given that in the world today, Spanish has become an indispensable language spoken by more than 330 million people in 23 countries, learning Spanish will lead to excellent professional possibilities and will provide an enriching personal and cultural experience.

Description of Major

Students majoring in Spanish will choose from two different tracks:

  • one with an emphasis in literature and culture, 
  • one that prioritizes applied language studies and linguistics

An additional major exists in International Business-Spanish Intensive that prioritizes the study of international business. Students graduating with a major in Spanish will have a solid understanding of the Spanish language and the ability to use the language effectively in speaking, listening, reading, and writing.

Additionally, depending on the chosen track, students will have developed either: the skills necessary for the study, analysis, and interpretation of a wide range of cultural texts, including literary texts, or a foundation in Hispanic linguistics from both a theoretical and an applied perspective.


Study Abroad Opportunities

The Spanish Program offers intensive short-term study opportunities in southern Spain (Seville) and in Mérida, Mexico. Semester and year-long programs in Spain and Latin America are available through affiliated universities and institutes. More information can be found at the International Education Center.


Contact Information

If you have specific questions or would like further information, please contact:

Dr. Juli Kroll
Section Coordinator


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