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The study of Classical civilization – the cultures of ancient Greece and Rome and their relationship to the societies of the Mediterranean and the Near East – is the origin and foundation of the modern university. To this day, it continues to be a model of an interdisciplinary approach to the study of culture, combining fields of literature and language, history, archaeology and art history, religious studies, and philosophy.

The Classical Civilization major at St. Thomas provides an opportunity for students to integrate various disciplines in the study of a subject. It also provides an awareness of the origins of modern culture and religion and the influence of other ancient cultures of the Near East and Egypt upon its formation. This interdisciplinary program includes an introductory foundation course, a series of courses from a variety of supporting disciplines, and a capstone senior paper requirement.

Major in Classical Civilization

  • CLAS 245 Classical Mythology (4 credits) 
  • CLAS 397 Topics (4 credits) 
  • CLAS 480 Senior Paper (4 credits) 
  • ENGL 220 The Classical Tradition (4 credits) 
  • HIST 111 Origins of the Modern World to 1550 (4 credits) 
  • HIST 300-level ancient history course approved by director 
  • PHIL 200 Ancient Philosophy (4 credits)

Plus four credits from the following:

  • GREK 212 Intermediate Greek II (4 credits)(prerequisites may be necessary) 
  • LATN 212 Intermediate Latin II (4 credits)(prerequisites may be necessary) 
  • GREK or LATN - Four credits numbered above 212

Plus four credits from the following:

  • ARTH 305 Greek Art and Archaeology (4 credits) 
  • ARTH 310 Roman Art and Archaeology (4 credits)

Plus eight credits from the following courses not already taken above:

  • ARTH 305 Greek Art and Archaeology (4 credits) 
  • ARTH 310 Roman Art and Archaeology (4 credits) 
  • COJO 426 Classical Rhetoric (4 credits) 
  • GREK 342 Greek Reading and Exegesis: John (4 credits)

GREK - Additional course:

  • HIST 302 Classical and Early Hellenistic Greece (4 credits) 
  • HIST 304 The Roman Republic and the Early Principate (4 credits) 
  • HIST 306 The World of Late Antiquity: A.D. 284-641 (4 credits) 
  • HIST 307 The Church in the Roman Empire to A.D. 395 (4 credits) 
  • LATN 360 Philosophy in Latin Texts (4 credits)

LATN - Additional course:

  • PHIL 230 Greek Philosophers on the Foundations of Knowledge (4 credits) 
  • PHIL 320 Aristotelian Logic (4 credits) 
  • THEO 210 New Testament (4 credits) 
  • THEO 220 Early Christian Theology (4 credits)


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