Walter Slade

S3-D Measuring an Inclusion Change Effort

About Walter Slade

Walter R. Slade is an executive director of culture and change at a Fortune 100 healthcare organization. One of his responsiblities is to lead the centers of excellence (for Inclusion as the HOW® and behavioral coaching/consequence management). 

He oversees the standardization of inclusive best practices, the management of knowledge around inclusion, the building of inclusion as a core capability, and the leveraging of inclusion in measurements of business results.

Walter also focuses on the integration of the inclusion change effort with a broad range of initiatives. This involves, for instance, the alignment of Inclusion as the HOW with the organization’s production system, Lean processes, and change execution management.

Under Walter's leadership, Inclusion as the HOW is seen as foundational, part of the DNA, the way the organization works.

Walter has over 30 years of business experience working in various HRM roles, including senior positions at Digital Equipment Corporation, TRW, and Northern Telecom.   He is also a Certified Expert Behavior Coach.

University of St. Thomas - Minnesota Opus College of Business