Melanie Larsen Sinouthasy

S1-I Diversity and Inclusion Required: Policy Integration and Sustainability

About Melanie Larsen Sinouthasy

Melanie Larsen Sinouthasy is the Diversity Specialist for the Minnesota Judicial Branch where she oversees the state courts’ Language Access Plans, ADA resources for the public and staffs the Committee for Equality and Justice. This advisory committee was established to advance the Judicial Branch's efforts to eliminate from court operations bias that is based on race, gender, ethnicity, age, disability, socioeconomic status, religion, sexual orientation, and any other status protected by law.  As the Diversity Specialist for the Judiciary, Melanie has created impactful diversity and inclusion initiatives and programming from the ground up for the Minnesota State Court System (Supreme Court, Court of Appeals, District Courts) across 10 judicial districts and five State Court Administration divisions.  Prior to joining the Courts, Melanie worked in higher education and local non-profits including the Girl Scouts and the Minnesota Private College Fund. She holds bachelor's degrees in Biology and Psychology, with minors in Spanish and Latin American Studies from Gustavus Adolphus College, in addition to a graduate certificate from the University of Minnesota School of Public Health.

University of St. Thomas - Minnesota Opus College of Business