Rebecca Parrilla

S5-G Bias and Cultural Competence in Recruitment and Selection

About Rebecca Parrilla

Rebecca Parrilla leads the design and implementation of intercultural development programs at Language & Culture Worldwide, supporting organizations in their goals to incorporate cross-cultural competencies into their worldviews and inclusive behaviors into their workflows.   She leads the design and implementation of programs such as Navigating CulturesTM, an intercultural competence foundational program, culture-specific programs such as Working & Communicating Effectively with IndiaTM, Engaging LGBT EmployeesTM, Managing a Diverse WorkforceTM, and the  Virtual Performance ManagementTM, a program delivered virtually which addresses the challenges of managing remote, distributed cross-cultural teams. A native of Puerto Rico, Rebecca’s expertise in intercultural competence and U.S. cultural values benefitted from over a decade consulting in the global banking industry, and continued when she moved to China to pursue a full-time teaching position at Shanghai Dianji University, where she was responsible for the development and delivery of creative English language programming.  Rebecca is a certified administrator of the Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI), is a member of the Society for Intercultural Education Training and Research (SIETAR-USA) and has co-authored the Cultural Detective®: LGBT package. Rebecca earned an MBA in International Business from DePaul University in Chicago.  Her education is further supplemented with on-the-ground experiences in Western and Easter Europe, South America, India, Australia, and Southeast Asia.

University of St. Thomas - Minnesota Opus College of Business