Sharon Orlopp

S2-H Global Responsibility: A Case Study of D&I’s Evolution Toward the “Fourth Wave” of Business in the 21st Century

About Sharon Orlopp

As Global Chief Diversity Officer and Senior Vice President, Corporate HR, at Walmart, Sharon is responsible for advancing a diverse workforce with 2.2 million associates worldwide. Her current responsibilities include overseeing and leveraging global diversity and inclusion efforts, associate relations, and HR policy for the world’s largest retailer. Sharon joined Walmart in 2003 as Vice President, People. In 2004, she was promoted to Senior Vice President, People – Sam’s Club. Prior to joining the company, Sharon was Vice President of Human Resources for Gart Sports, where she was responsible for compensation, benefits, training, recruiting, public relations, and investor relations. Sharon also spent 17 years with Foot Locker, where she held various leadership positions in Operations and Human Resources. Sharon is an experienced human resource professional with a passion for diversity and for people. She has made it her mission to advance diversity initiatives, sponsor immersive learning trips and lead by example. 

University of St. Thomas - Minnesota Opus College of Business