Dr. Linda Manning, PhD.

S4-G Strategies for Inclusive Performance Appraisals

About Dr. Linda Manning, PhD.

Linda Manning, Ph.D. (University of Illinois—Chicago).  With more than twenty-five years as an applied researcher and professor in economics, Linda is  the learning concept designer and subject matter expert for the learning design of TalentNet©.  Working with industry and experts to develop a business-case-driven learning model for building talent management competencies for Canadian employers, and with funding from the Canadian government, Linda created an experiential learning model for managers facing the challenges of changing workplace demographics and transformed her vision into the reality of TalentNet© a free online e-learning tool for managers facing the challenges of changing workplace demographics.  Linda continues her work with leaders in Canada and the U.S. to create motivation and skill for inclusive leadership and high performing organizations.  She is a keynote speaker, author, and learning consultant, and spends much of her time administering the Intercultural Development Inventory, a tool for assessing levels of cultural sensitivity and flexibility.  Learn more about Linda at drlindamanning.com.


University of St. Thomas - Minnesota Opus College of Business