Simon Lopez

S6-F Best Practices to Recruit, Retain, and Develop Hispanic Talent

About Simon Lopez

With over 19 years of serving the Latino community through organizing, education and skills building, and economic mobility program and policy work, he has advocated for equal opportunities for Latinos to contribute to and benefit from our nation’s economy.  He has helped establish innovative programs and partnerships across the country that prepare current and future Latino workers for high-demand career opportunities, designed national initiatives that promote education achievement and skills attainment, and worked with policy-makers, elected officials, and other key stakeholders to improve public workforce systems for Latinos and other under-served communities.

Known for his ability to build coalitions and partnerships that result in positive opportunities for working families, Simon is a tireless advocate for Latinos and other under-represented workers.  He has spoken and participated on numerous national and local panels and forums and has led the effort to convene the only national Workforce Development Conference focused on Latino workers.

Simon serves on numerous local and national advisory groups that strive to ensure that Latino workers have access to meaningful education and training leading to economic stability, as well as contributes to ongoing discussions with the White House and federal agencies in regards to national strategies in education and workforce development.

University of St. Thomas - Minnesota Opus College of Business