Arturo Lewis, M.A.

S3-G Do-It-Yourself Reverse Mentoring: An Experiment in Engagement and Dialogue

About Arturo Lewis, M.A.

Arturo Pierre “Art” Lewis is an instructor in Diversity Studies (World Religions, Racism and Sexism, Sociology and History), a motivational pre-game speaker for professional sports teams, a Personal Life and Executive Coach, and an ordained minister. 

Through sports, church, and education, he maneuvered his way beyond gang life, drug use, and crime.  He received a Bachelor of Arts degree from William Paterson College as an honors student in Sociology and Anthropology, earned a Master of Divinity degree and Master of Theology degree in Christian Social Ethics from Princeton Theological Seminary, and attended Princeton University. 

Art is the founder and Executive Director of Art Lewis Ministries and President of Celebration Education, a leadership training organization.  Previous experience includes serving as a Crusade Associate Director for the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, Executive Director of Metropolitan Youth For Christ in New York City and Northern New Jersey, as well as being a semi-pro baseball player and radio host.
He is the author of the article, “Promises to the Family” and the forthcoming book, “Lessons of Leadership.”

University of St. Thomas - Minnesota Opus College of Business