Sam Grant, MS, MA, HSDP, PDC

General Session Lunch Day 2

About Sam Grant, MS, MA, HSDP, PDC

Sam is a social innovator working around the intersections of cultural, economic and environmental justice. He has co-founded a credit union, 2 leadership apprenticeship projects, an environmental business incubator, and more.  He has been on faculty at Metropolitan State University for 25 years, teaching course work in sociology, ethnic studies, psychology and community organizing and development. Through the Movement Center for Deep Democracy he is working with change agents globally on organizing social change networks for deeper and deeper change to get the results we most want. Through AfroEco he is innovating in local food systems development work in the Twin Cities. He does frequent social innovation labs (  of two sorts - general ones that bring diverse innovators together to co-create an ecosystem of social innovation, and focused on labs on local community transformation. 

University of St. Thomas - Minnesota Opus College of Business