Tasnim Benhalim, M.S.

S4-B Cultural Agility: The Vital Next Step for Diversity and Inclusion

About Tasnim Benhalim, M.S.

Tasnim (Tahz-neem) McCormick Benhalim is founder and principal of DiversityWealth, a company whose mission is to enrich and empower individuals in the workplace to be their most productive. DiversityWealth, programs establish diversity and inclusion as positive and essential components that drive creative and productive workplaces.

Tasnim has over 20 years of experience working in culture and diversity and inclusion.  She loves training and values the opportunity to train participants from every walk of life– from the loading docks to the corporate board room. 

Tasnim’s experience includes a wide range of clients such as Texas Instruments, British Petroleum, Komen for the Cure, the Foreign Language Teaching Press of China, the US Food and Drug Administration (the FDA), Dallas Fort Worth International Airport, the National Security Administration (NSA) and others.

Tasnim believes in the great value of diversity and inclusion and cross-cultural communication to build bridges of understanding across the diverse peoples of our great and beautiful world. 

University of St. Thomas - Minnesota Opus College of Business