The Forum webinar series offers attendees an opportunity to access content from selected sessions throughout the year. Webinars are free but advanced registration is required. Check your email for the upcoming webinar schedule in spring!  

Past Webinars

July 31 Chase Hawkins The Maslow Connection: What Every Business/D&I Leader Should Know about Building Inclusive, Productive Workplaces
Handout [PDF]
August 28 Sara Taylor Achieving Leadership and Organizational High Performance: Using D&I Tools to Reach Greater Success
Handout [PDF]
September 25 Joe Gerstandt Forced Choices: Learning How to Do Conflict Well
Handout [PDF]
October 24 Jennifer Brown and Sandy Hoffman Transitioning to Workforce 2020
Handout [PDF]
November 22 Howard Ross Diversity, Inclusion and the Unconscious Mind: How Does What We Know About the Brain Impact the Way We Do Diversity Work in the 21st Century? Handout  [PDF]
December 12 Mary Casey and
Shannon Murphy Robinson
Employee Engagement is a Two-Way Street Handout [PDF]
January 30 Dr. Augustine Fou and Bill Leong How Digital Can Be Transformative to Inclusion
February 27 Tasnim Benhalim Cultural Agility: The Vital Next Step for Diversity and Inclusion


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