Best Practices to Recruit, Retain, and Develop Hispanic Talent

S6-F | Thursday, 3:15 PM

Track: Employment Practices (EP)  |  Level: Intermediate

Session Overview

The future of the American economy will inevitably depend on the Latino community for its workforce and purchasing power.  Latinos are the fastest and youngest growing demographic in the United States, approaching 20 percent of the population within the next decade. Hispanics are projected to have $1.5 trillion in purchasing power within the next five years. Companies and organizations need to ensure fair and full participation of Latinos at all levels of business to reflect this demographic shift and to uphold a competitive edge within the market and globally.

During this session, HACE will provide demographics and diverse cultural context on Latinos in the U.S., the HACE membership demographics, and strategies to recruit, retain, and develop Latino talent. HACE and employer partners will share the best practices via a panel discussion. Activities to provoke thought and provide insights will be conducted during this session.