Pushing Forward by Taking Your D&I Strategy, ERGs and Training Global….Really?

S5-G | Thursday, 1:30 PM

Track: Global Diversity (GD)  |  Level: Advanced

Session Overview

Are you considering taking your D&I process, ERGs or training to the Middle East?  How about Brazil or Germany?  As you consider expanding your D&I initiative while increasing knowledge and skills globally, several issues are key and will determine the degree of acceptance or resistance of the message and the messenger.  Among the key concerns are:  finding the balance between a centralized and decentralized focus; determining to what extent you will follow the same strategy, tactics and training curriculum used in the U.S. vs. localizing it to address questions and issues on the ground; determining local issues and their priority order.
Join this session to explore these questions and to hear tips for success from the organizations that have experienced work in these countries and around the world…and who are excelling. Increase your success rate by utilizing the Global Action Planning Checklist available to session participants.