The Paperclip Project: Intriguing Dialogue to Discuss Bias in the Hiring, Recruitment and Selection Process

S3-I | Wednesday, 3:30 PM

Track: Government (GO)  |  Level: Intermediate

Session Overview

The Harvard Implicit Association test challenges us to confront the notion that we can live in a society without judging one another’s appearance, voice, or stature. Prior to coming here today, I hope you have had a chance to take this free test for yourself.  Throughout our session I would like you to think about your reaction to the test results.
The Paperclip Project is a non-confrontational way to identify things in our lives that may predetermine our career path. Some of the topics raised in the group are helpful and allow us rights that we may not recognize as privileges while others may be hindrances to career paths. This project uses the topic of biases to unpack, call out, and recognize these issues so that they are not used in the hiring, recruitment, and selection processes within the workplace.