The NextGen of D&I: It’s Not Your Grandfather’s Succession Plan Anymore!

S3-F | Wednesday, 3:30 PM

Track: Employment Practices (EP)  |  Level: Advanced

Session Overview

With nearly 10,000 Baby Boomers per day reaching retirement age, we now face a new age diversity challenge. Millions of professionals must prepare their organizations for the next generation. Succession management in today’s multi-generational workplace is a new ballgame!

While developing the CEO successor is important, there are more far-reaching workforce planning issues to consider. Which high-potential performers should be groomed up the pipeline? Do those “hi-pos” want to be promoted? Do they have the skills required to fill these new roles? How can Boomers in transition best support their NextGen leaders?

Join us to learn cutting-edge strategies to groom your NextGen leaders and align their career motivators with your corporate drivers. HR and Workplace Inclusion professionals must adjust their approaches with Gen-Xers’ powerful “What’s In It For Me?” mindset because they will readily reject promotion opportunities unlike the Boomers before them.