Session Handouts

Handouts will be made available as they are received from presenters.  

Concurrent Sessions 


Day 1 Pre-Conference PDI

  • PDI-A: Architecting The Future: Thinking Now about 2025
    [pre-read materials]
  • PDI-B: The Mind of a Leader
  • PDI-C: HR, Bias and Cultural Competence: From Recruiting to Retaining a Diverse Workforce  [slide deck]
  • PDI-D: The Diversity Profit Equation: If It Doesn’t Make Dollars – It Doesn’t Make Sense!
    PDI-E Real Inclusion: Courage, Creativity and Talent [pre-read materials]

Day 2 Conference Sessions

  • S1-A: Public-Private Partnerships and Building Tomorrow’s Diverse Future Workforce
  • S1-B: Making Inclusion for LGBT Employees A Daily Reality
    S1-C: How Digital Can Be Transformative to Inclusion [PDF]
  • S1-D: Marketplace ROI – The Business of a Disability ERG [PDF]
  • S1-E: Winning with the New Workforce: The Power of the Inclusive Leader
  • S1-F: Creating Master Communicators: Filling Leadership Pipelines with Minority Talent
  • S1-G: Leverage Your Company’s Largest Investment through Talent Development and Career Management [PDF]
  • S1-H: Diversity and Inclusion in Global Organizations: Insights from Chief Diversity Officers and HR Senior Leaders
  • S1-I: Diversity and Inclusion Required: Policy Integration and Sustainability [PDF1] [PDF2] [PDF3] [PDF PPT]
  • S1-J: 4 Inclusive Behaviors that Transform Individual and Team Interactions…and Organization Performance [PDF]
  • S2-A: Creating Inclusive Environments for Ability, Religion, and Sexual Orientation [PDF]
  • S2-B: Generative Engagements: Navigating Difference to Work Together[PDF]
  • S2-C: Building Inclusive Networks [PDF]
  • S2-D: Reaching the Next Level: Leveraging Six Decades of D&I Experience[pre-read materials]  [PDF]
  • S2-E: D&I Leadership from the Head & Heart: Engaging Senior Executives in a D&I Initiative
  • S2-F: Bias in Performance Review Process [PDF]
  • S2-G: Employee Engagement is a Two-Way Street [PDF]
  • S2-H: Global Responsibility: A Case Study of D&I’s Evolution Toward the “Fourth Wave” of Business in the 21st Century [PDF][PDF]
  • S2-I: Expanding Your D&I Reach Without Expanding Your D&I Budget [PDF]
  • S2-J:A Therapy Session for the D&I Practitioner of Tomorrow
  • S3-A: Diversity and Inclusion in the Nonprofit Board Room: Prudential’s Building Diverse Leaders Program
  • S3-B: Generations in the Workplace: The Next Wave of Diversity [PDF]
  • S3-C: Now What?: Exploring Unconscious Bias in Practice [PDF]
  • S3-D: Global Diversity and Inclusion Benchmarks: Implement Successfully Using Change Management [PDF]
  • S3-E: Aligning Your Employee Resource Groups to the Business While Optimizing D&I Governance [PDF]
  • S3-F: The NextGen of D&I: It’s Not Your Grandfather’s Succession Plan Anymore! [PDF]
  • S3-G: Do-It-Yourself Reverse Mentoring: An Experiment in Engagement and Dialogue! [PDF] [PDF 2]S3-H: Coming Out Worldwide! The Global Aspects of LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender) Diversity [PDF]
  • S3-I: The Paperclip Project: Intriguing Dialogue to Discuss Bias in the Hiring, Recruitment and Selection Process [PDF]
  • S3-J: After Diversity & Inclusion…Then What? The New C.I.O. – Cultural Integration Officer

Day 3 Conference Sessions

  • S4-A: Disability Disclosure
  • S4-B: Cultural Agility: The Vital Next Step for Diversity and Inclusion [PDF]
  • S4-C: Transitioning to Workforce 2020: Anticipating and Managing Changes that Will Radically Transform Work Life in the Next Decade [PDF]
  • S4-D: Innovative Approaches to Growing Your Multicultural Consumer Markets [pdf]
  • S4-E: Pathways Forward – The Ever Expanding Role of the Chief Diversity Officer
  • S4-F: Mission Possible: Taking Your Military Veteran Hiring to the Next Level
  • S4-G: From Tactics to Strategy: Developing and Executing a Business Integrated D&I Strategy [PDF]
  • S4-H: Affordable Care Act: Addressing the Impact of Cultural Competence Readiness and Workforce Disparities
    S4-I: Catching Up on Workplace Law Developments that are Breaking New Ground [PDF]
    S4-J: Results-Only Work Environment: A Business Platform for the 21st Century Workforce
  • S5-A: Should We All ‘Lean-In’? When Women in Leadership Is Neither Inclusive Nor Culturally Competent (so What We Can Do About It) [PDF][PDF2]
  • S5-B: Inclusive Health Benefits: Achieving a Critical Step in Transgender Inclusion
  • S5-C: Two Birds--One Stone: Learn How to Enhance Both Inclusion and Engagement [PDF]
  • S5-D: Co-Creation: D&I’s Next Force Multiplier and Trusted Technique to Spark Greater Engagement for Your ERG Participants [PDF]
  • S5-E:  Genuine Leadership: The Mindset of Inclusion
  • S5-F: How Talent Community Managers Can Help You Engage Military and Diversity Talent
  • S5-G: Pushing Forward by Taking Your D&I Strategy, ERGs and Training Global….Really?
  • S5-H: Creating A World Class Healthcare Organization: The Six Pillars of D&I [PDF
    S5-I:Strategies of the Enforcers of Federal and State Workplace Anti-Discrimination Law [PDF]
    S5-J: Making the Link: Management Compensation and Diversity
  • S6-A: An Elephant in the Room: Faith at Work  (A “Business Case” for Religious Employee Resource Groups in the Workplace) [PDF]
  • S6-B: The Real ROI for White Men in Diversity & Inclusion: Leaders Speak about Their Personal Journeys [PDF] [PDF Slides]
  • S6-C: The New Diversity: Individuality and Inclusion [PDF]
  • S6-D: Gotta Have It: Cultural Competence for the D&I Practitioner
  • S6-E: Diversity & Inclusion “Next Practices” at Walgreens: Metrics to Drive and Measure Strategy [PDF]
  • S6-F: Best Practices to Recruit, Retain, and Develop Hispanic Talent
    S6-G: Globalization and the Impact on Leadership Skills [PDF]
  • S6-H: Workforce Inclusion: A Measure of Its Importance in the Equity of Care [PDF]
  • S6-I: Discussion on Reasonable Accommodations for Physical Disabilities, Veterans and Mental Illness in the Workplace [PDF] [PDF]
     S6-J Diversity at Work: The Practice of Inclusion [PDF 1] [PDF2]

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