Course Offerings

Spring 2015

THEO  426/
01   Islam 

 Muhawesh, Odeh A

OEC 452 

SP  02/02-05/22 


1335-1510  20/19/20 

J-Term 2015

Perceiving Islam in Turkey (UMAIE)
While traveling across Turkey, visiting sites essential to the development of Islam, sharing meals and conversations with Turkish Muslims, and reading about Islam from both insiders’ and outsiders’ perspectives, we become familiar with the basic beliefs and practices of Islam and its influence in Turkey including worship, family life, politics, modernity, gender relations, relations with other faiths, and intellectual and artistic traditions.

Program Directors: Adil Ozdemir & Halise Ozdemir, UST 
Prerequisites: Theology 101 and a 200-level or 300-level Theology course
Fulfills:  Theology major: THEO 490, third-level Faith and the Catholic Tradition core requirement  
(400-numbered), Human Diversity core requirement

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