Our mission is to foster mutual understanding and cooperation among Muslims and Christians through academic and community dialogue grounded in the Qur'anic and Christian traditions. The dialogue flows from the belief that Muslims and Christians worship the same God (cf. Nostra Aetate, The Qur’an, 29:46; 42:15), click here for Nostra Aetate document... who is at work in both faiths. Our focus is primarily theological, rather than political, because our two faiths have so much in common theologically.

Our method of dialogue is taken from the Faith and Order Commission. We begin by articulating what both Muslims and Christians hold in common. Then we articulate what are the points of difference, and then, what are the points of fruitful dialogue. This method has produced great fruit over the years in Christian ecumenical dialogue; we hope it will be equally fruitful in Muslim-Christian dialogue.

At this stage, we are working on several fronts. First, we are pursuing extensive dialogue with the local Muslim community. Second, we are bringing in local and national speakers and panels. Third, working with Muslim and Christian scholars, we are composing a book on the morality of war in Islam and Christianity. Fourth, also working with Muslim and Christian scholars, we have prepared a website which will contain information on what Christians and Muslims believe about a range of topics--God, Revelation, Prophecy, Jesus, Mohammad, Peace and War, etc. Both in the book and on the website we will include statements about what Muslims and Christians can affirm in common (on any given topic), where we disagree, and what points can be clarified through further discussion. Fifth, we are developing annual academic conferences on Muslim-Christian dialogue. We have several other projects in development as well: for example, fostering discussion between Muslim and Christian students.

The Muslim-Christian Dialogue Center condemns terrorism in any form.