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May 14, 2012



A Word from Vice President Canney

Career Corner

Financial Aid: Summer Communications

To Your Health!

Residence Life Update

Tips of the Trade at Move out

There Ain't No Cure for the Summer Time Blues

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Dates to Remember


A Word from Vice President Canney

Dear Parents, Guardians and Friends,

After twenty-one years of service, Rev. Dennis Dease, President of the University of St. Thomas, tenured his resignation to the Board of Trustees on Thursday, May 10th.  His retirement will be effective at the end of the academic year, 2013.  Board of Trustees member, John Morrison, will chair the search committee. Please see the Bulletin article published, May 10, 2012.   The search process begins immediately.  Today, a student forum will be held with members of the search committee, Noon to 12:45 p.m. in Schoenecker Arena of the Anderson Athletic and Recreation Complex, please encourage your student to attend.

On Monday, May 14 we celebrate the end of classes and the beginning of final exam week with our annual Late Night Mass and Breakfast! Mass will be held on the Upper Quad at 8:30 pm followed by breakfast served by staff and faculty to the students in The View in the Anderson Student Center. This tradition provides an opportunity for prayer, relaxation and fun; please encourage your student to join us!


Commencement is almost here! We congratulate all of you who are celebrating your student's graduation. We look forward to seeing many of you Saturday, May 19th, at the graduation ceremony. Information about the Commencement Mass and Ceremony is listed below in the "Dates to Remember" section. These events offer a rich opportunities for family celebration.

Your students will soon be on their way home and/or to their summer adventures. May you enjoy many relaxing times together. This has been an exciting year on campus and we will miss your students when they leave!




Jane Canney

Vice President for Student Affairs

Career Corner

Career Development Center, 651-962-6761

We ARE open throughout the summer months!

Career Center offers the following resources and services for students as they pursue part-time jobs, internships and full-time employment.

Summer Job Search Group
Students and alumni are invited to attend a four-week group that will meet beginning Wednesday, June 6 from 1:00-2:00 pm. During the weekly sessions, participants will learn effective job/internship search techniques and get support in conducting their own search. Pre-registration is appreciated.

One of the most successful techniques for finding internships and jobs is to connect with others in the workplace. Students can create a LinkedIn profile and join the ASK, Alumni Sharing Knowledge, group to access names of alumni willing to talk with current students about their career path and company information. For assistance and advice on using LinkedIn students can schedule an appointment to meet with one of the career counselors.

Undecided about a College Major?
Students who have not yet selected a major or may be questioning their selected major are encouraged to use the summer months to explore options and gather insights into which major(s) might be of most interest. Use of the many vocational tests and career resources will provide assistance when making this decision.


Looking for a job or internship?
Students can increase their success in getting hired when they utilize a variety of resources in their search rather than relying on only one or two sources for their leads. It is not too early to begin a search for a fall 2012 internship. The summer months allow time for resume updates, informational interviewing and networking to uncover possible leads for future internships. Use Tommie Careers to access a variety of positions.

Financial Aid: Summer Communications

The Financial Aid office will continue to send emails as needed to students during the summer months. Please remind your student to check their UST email account regularly to ensure they don't miss important deadlines or financial aid opportunities.

Whenever a student drops below half-time enrollment for fall or spring semester due to withdrawal or graduation, the financial aid office sends them information about Exit Loan Counseling. Depending on what types of loans the student has borrowed, they may be required to complete exit counseling for multiple programs. Exit counseling prepares students for repayment by explaining payment plan options as well as deferment/forbearance eligibility. This counseling also outlines the student's responsibilities, such as updating address, phone number, and employer information with each lender. Students who will graduate this spring were mailed exit counseling packets to their campus mailbox.


Thank you for working with our office over the past year to make sure your student can access the financial aid they are eligible to receive. We know that the paperwork involved with financial aid often lands in the lap of the parent and we appreciate you providing our office with the information we need to comply with federal regulations. Thank you!

To Your Health!

Health Services will be offering expanded summer hours this year to help keep students thriving and productive all summer long. The summer St. Paul clinic hours will be 8:00 am - 4:30 pm, Monday through Thursday, and Friday 8:00 am-12:00 pm. Additionally, the Minneapolis clinic will be open on Wednesdays from 1:00 � 5:00 pm, to provide urgent care for staff and students. Walk-ins are often available, but it's always best to call for an appointment.

Bon Voyage!

Itinerary, Set, Go - but first remember that UST Health Services offers Certified Travel Clinics available to students who will be traveling abroad. The visits are individually tailored to their specific destinations and medical history, and will include necessary vaccines, health/safety advice and medications. The clinics are convenient, low cost, and offer expert care covering all of pre and post travel health care needs. Encourage your student to call Health Services to schedule a travel visit 4 to 6 weeks in advance of their departure. Make it the first stop on your journey.


Another New Port

Coming soon, the new Student Portal. This online feature will allow students to register and then schedule appointments themselves for some specific illnesses (like upper respiratory concerns, pink eye and other common ailments). It will also offer several additional user-friendly features like secure messaging, an opportunity to easily enter immunization information, and more. Look for detailed information coming soon.

Residence Life Update

Move-out Information
A reminder to all parents that students are to move out 24-hours after their last final. Please work with your student to make this work for them. Due to Commencement activities on campus, Saturday, May 19th, there will be NO move-out activity that day.


2012-2013 Housing Still Available
If your student is continuing at St. Thomas for the 2012-2013 academic year and still looking for a place to live on campus, they should come to the Office of Residence Life in Koch 106 to select rooms for the upcoming academic year.

Tips of the trade when moving out

If your student is moving out of their off-campus rental unit please encourage them to plan ahead and become a master of the 'move out'. Please share the following move-out tips with your student:

Moving out = Money
Landlords are required to return security deposits to renters in whole, plus one percent interest. They may, however, deduct any costs above the routine maintenance of the residence. Request an itemized list of these deductions.

Clean and Capture
Before your student moves, capture the condition of your place in photograph form. This means clean thoroughly first! Also, take your pictures as close to move-out day as possible to reduce the risk of undocumented damage between the two events.

Clump, Dump, and Three R's
Your student can clump their belongings into three piles: one headed for the new residence, one that is clearly headed for the trash and the other headed for the three R's [Reexamine, Reevaluate and Recycle] pile. Check out websites like: Green Guardian,, Goodwill,, Salvation Army,, or Bridging Inc., for more information about what to do with your gently used items. Remind your student NEVER to dump items in the neighbors trash or on their property; this causes hard feelings, and adds to neighbors expenses.

If your student planning on being without a permanent residence for an extended period of time consider renting a storage facility for your belongings. There are several storage facilities near by check out the option that works best for your student

Make arrangements to end the utility use on the day you move out. This may or may not involve some leg work on your student's part so have them plan on spending time on this important process.

Research and Revise
Although your student is started on the path of move-out mastership, there's no way to plan for the amount of upturned carpet staples that may cause commotion along the way. Because different locales have different laws and regulations, make sure to contact Ramsey county about more information on any of the above topics.

For additional resources to help you get started:

·  Off-Campus Student Services 651 962-6138;

·  Public Utilities Commission 651 296-7124;

·  St. Paul City Information 651 266-8989;

There Ain't No Cure for the Summer Time Blues

Your students are returning home for the summer or if commuting, spending more time at home while on summer break. It can be a wonderful, yet challenging time for both parents and students. Students have been independent for nine months and families have adjusted to their absence. The transition back to three months of togetherness requires communication on both sides.


·  Negotiate time: this may be curfew, meals, time as a family. Recognize your need for courtesy along with your student's need for independence.

·  Recognize their need to maintain relationships with new college friends as well as high school friends: this might include texting, emails, instant messaging and phone calls. It may seem like they're glued to the computer or phone, but it's an important ritual.

·  Acknowledge the ambivalence: Everyone may be happy to have your student home again, but your family has changed over the last nine months. You all have to get used to the returning college student, just as she/he must get back into your routine. This can be a difficult adjustment.

·  Don't do everything for your student: It can be easy to fall back into old habits on both sides, but your student has developed some independence while at college. It's important to keep it growing.

·  Keep talking: Communicate not just about majors, bills or curfews, but about big picture issues like values, favorite classes, how things have changed. It can be challenging, but open communication will go far in helping you all have a rewarding summer.

Follow these tips and you'll create a cure for the summer time blues!

Parent Network

Congratulations to all parents, guardians and families, on another year completed! For those with graduating students, best wishes to all!

Dates to Remember

May 14 Study Day and the Late Night Mass and Breakfast TONIGHT!
May 15-18 Final Exams
May 18 Baccalaureate Mass, 7:30 pm, Cathedral of Saint Paul
May 19 Commencement
May 23 Summer Session classes begin
2012 Summer Academic Schedule
July 16-Aug 3 First Year Student Orientation
2012-2013 Academic Calendar
Oct. 5-7 Family Weekend


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