Math Placement Exam Information - Spring 2016

The MPE will be offered:

Drop-in times: Bring your student ID (or other photo ID), a pencil, and scratch paper to OSS 225. 

Tuesday, April 5th at 11:45am

Wednesday, April 6th at 3pm

Thursday, April 7th at 11:45am

Wednesday, April 13th at 3pm

Wednesday, April 20th at 3pm

Thursday, April 21 at 11:45am

By appointment:

If you would like to take the exam before April, contact Molly Peterson ( to schedule an appointment.

Note that:

You can only use the calculator on computer during the exam.

Students are allowed to take the test once each semester, with summer counting as part of the fall semester and J-term counting as part of spring semester.

Results from the exam are available within 2 business days of taking the exam.

For information on preparing for a Placement Exam, click the tab on top for review materials.

Not all students need to take a placement exam: You only need to take the exam if any of the following apply to you (Note: these cutoffs were updated in March of 2014.  Students enrolled at that time who had already sent their test scores to UST will be placed under the old criteria; for more information about this, email

  • your ACT Math score was less than 28 and you want to take MATH 113, Calculus I.
  • your ACT Math score was less than 25 and you want to take MATH 111, Business Calculus.
  • your ACT Math score was less than 23 and you want to take MATH 108, Calculus with Review I.
  • your ACT Math score was less than 20 and you want to take MATH 101, Finite Mathematics, or MATH 100, Mathematical Sampler.
  • You did not send your ACT scores to St. Thomas within 2 years of taking the test.


Contact MaRC Director, Molly Peterson with any questions:

Office: OSS 233

Phone: 651-962-5529