Actuarial Science Sample Schedule

Here’s a typical program for a student majoring in Actuarial Science in the Department of Mathematics. This example is just that—one example of a four-year curriculum. There are many equally good optoins, in addition to the three alternate schedules that follow. Second and third year students can develop workable schedules that provide the necessary academic background.



Fall Semester

MATH 113: Calculus I

ECON 252: Principles of Microeconomics

ENGL 121

Lab Science

Spring Semester

MATH 114: Calculus II

CISC 130: Intro to Programming and Problem Solving in the Sciences

THEO 101

ENGL 200 level (201-204)



Fall Semester

MATH 200: Multivariable Calculus

MATH 240: Linear Algebra

ACSC 320: Risk Management & Insurance

ACCT 210: Introduction to Financial Accounting

Spring Semester

MATH 313: Probability

Communication Course

ECON 251: Principles of Macroeconomics

Foreign Language (I)

**Take actuarial exam: EXAM P/1 – Probability



Fall Semester

ACSC 264: Theory of Interest

STAT 314: Mathematical Statistics

FINC 321: Financial Management

Foreign Language (II)

**Take actuarial exam: Exam FM/2 – Financial Mathematics

Spring Semester

STAT 333: Applied Statistical Methods: Regression, Time Series and


FINC 325: Investments

Foreign Language (III)

THEO 200 or 300 level



Fall Semester

ACSC 351: Foundations of Actuarial Mathematics

ACSC 464: Mathematical Finance

THEO 400 level

PHIL 115

**Take actuarial exam: Exam MFE/3F – Financial Economics

Spring Semester

ACSC 352: Actuarial Contingencies

Fine Arts

PHIL 214 or 215


**Take actuarial exam: Exam MLC – Life Contingencies



ACSC Alternate Schedule 1

ACSC Alternate Schedule 2

ACSC Alternate Schedule 3


 Note: The general requirements at the University of St. Thomas may change from time to time. The above reflects the requirements as of September 2013. The above sample schedule contains 32 courses. A student may take the 33rd course during a January or Summer term.


Special Registration Notes:

Math 313, Probability should be taken no later than the spring semester of your sophomore year to avoid difficulties with scheduling.

FINC 321, Financial Management Prerequisites:
Actuarial Science majors need to take ACCT 210, ACSC 320, MATH 313, and ECON 252 prior to registering for FINC 321. You must obtain permission to register for this course from the College of Business Undergraduate Administration office. (Margaret H. Gikling, 651-962-5548,


Courses offered only once a year:

Fall Semester: ACSC 320, ACSC 351, ACSC 464

Spring Semester: ACSC 352, STAT 333