2012 - 2013

Charting Your Career Path

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The goal of this grant was to provide diverse student populations with tools nessesary to achieve and develop career goals.  The five sections of the workshop itself contained information regarding career steps as well as academic support services.  The grant hoped that investing in the career-readiness of our diverse students may have a positive impact on their graduation rates, which are currently not on par with their majority peers.

Islam: A Way of Life

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The interfaith dialogues on the campus have brought major understanding between Islam and Catholicism but discussing the root of the Islamic beliefs and values will provide all students, faculty and staff with a much greater understanding and appreciation of the diversity Muslim students bring to the campus, while also breaking down stereotypes.

The topics the program focused on within Islam were the following:  Marriage, Gender and Women's Roles, Festivals and Holidays, Ramadan and fasting, the Prophet Mohammed, and a special session (or two) on Islam around the World.  We also collaborated with the Women's Center as they are looking to have an Islamic speaker discuss feminism for International Women's Day 2014.

QPR Instructor Training a Campus Suicide Prevention Training Program

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QPR stands for Question, Persuade, and Refer -- 3 simple steps that anyone can learn to help save a life from suicide. The project, QPR Instructor Training: An Campus Suicide Prevention Training Program provided certified instructor training for each of the five staff psychologists at Counseling and Psychological Servcies.

The Counseling and Psychological Services staff went through QPR training on June 19th 2013 and became certified as QPR Trainers.

Since then, training has been provided for:

•           Residence Life student staff (over 90 students)

•           Faculty Development in St. Paul and Minneapolis (25 faculty)

•           Two undergraduate psychology classes (80 students)

Student Diversity and Inclusion Services Fall Retreat: Focus on Self Care with UST Wellness Center

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The purpose of this grant was to create a weekend retreat to engage students of color in an interactive approach on the topic of self-care/health care. Topics included healthy sleep patterns, balancing academic and social life, physical and mental relaxation techniques, health topics specific to communities of color, and larger issues (cultural, first-generation, class-based) that may conflict with being a "traditional" college student. The purpose of this grant was to provide funding to secure an off-campus location to foster peer-to-peer dialogue around health care as students develop into culturally responsive leaders.

Parent Planner Translation

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The goal of this grant was to translate the Parent & Family Planner into Hmong, Spanish, and Somali languages, to ensure that family members have equal access to important information about how to best support their student.  The planner itself contains information about how to access wellness and health resources, including details on the Counseling & Psychological Services staff, Health Services, Wellness programs, the Anderson Athletic & Recreation Complex, etc.  It also reviews general health and safety guidelines, emergency preparedness, and policies that protect students.  Providing this information in multiple languages helped us address any gaps in knowledge that might prevent parents from playing a pivotal role in supporting their student.